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For about 10 years of helping businesses, companies
and entrepreneurs alike, I've finally crafted
the taste of a greatest credit outcome for you! Order the Full course menu of the Signature Recipe here!

The Recipe you need for SUCCESS

Too much salt, so little sugar or a pepper disaster, what a trouble! But it’s alright because we all made mistakes. Maybe because we thought these so-called quick fixes will get it done, but in reality, it isn’t, it just makes things worse.

Remember to just take it slow and steady, so you can establish reliable credit overtime. Don’t worry, we will be there to help you craft the recipe you need for success, no hassle, no disaster, all done nicely for you  

Our House Specialties

Taste Financial Wellness through our Credit Repair Solutions

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Ensure your credit history is up-to-date and accurate based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Credit Chef’s personalized Credit-Monitoring site will help you to track your progress

Talk to The Credit Chef now for a FREE 20-minute consultation.

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Do you currently have challenges of obtaining funds through traditional methods?

Don’t worry, because The Credit Chef’s core is to help and support business owners like you with simple and convenient alternative financial solutions.

Wherein we will help you by providing your small business with flexible, easy-to-implement, and immediate working capital.

Get Funds for your business.


Guaranteed Approval by the IRS.

So you will receive your 501(c) approval and secure your organization compliance.

Also, we will be here with you until you get your organization exempt.

Need help in navigating your complex IRS? 


Design your business in a way that eliminates damage on your credit scores and indexes of your company

The Credit Chef’s Business Credit Repair Master Plan outlines what information needs to fix, change, correct and delete. Thus, helping your business maintains good credit score

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Get the biggest tax refund or the lowest liability possible

We’ll focus on making sure you earn profit from every deduction and credit available.

And if it’s not to your satisfaction, we encourage you to shop around and compare!

Get your FREE quote today 

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Eliminate problems associated with staffing, turnover, taxes and slow monthly closes 

So you can concentrate on what’s important and growing your business well, saving you a lot of money, time and energy

The Credit Chefs (FAO) Virtual Financial system leverage today’s technology to automate and integrate your transaction work flow for easier and better work quality overall

1. Integrated, seamless services
2. Industry-leading technology
3. Transitioning made easy with a responsive team Accountant expert 

The Credit Chef Effect

Okay guys I'm really crying now. I got the car!! 2019 Toyota Corolla! All by myself again! I can' even speak. All thanks to the Credit Chef Charles Gregory because I wouldn't have gotten this without working with the best, the credit chef!
Kayla Arianna
Thanks to Charles Gregory because my scores went up! If anyone needs their credit repaired, contact him! He can definitely help and educate you on credit!
Jade Helliger

Your Main Course, Simplified

How to book your seat with the Credit Chef 

Reserve your Table

As much as we want to cater everyone, we only have limited seats to accommodate our guests due to high demand.
So to avoid hassle on your part, we encourage you to schedule your call ahead of time, so reserve your table now. 

Special Note for you: Be sure to maintain a credit monitoring site throughout your reservation
OR you’ll lose your seat and it’ll be given to the next preferred client.

• First Schedule your appointment here.
• Then, Obtain your Credit report here. 

Let's talk about your Credit Diet

You’re special to us and whatever your problem maybe, I’ll listen to you intimately. And if you feel
uncomfortable, whatever we talk about is just between you and me.

Most credit repair companies will just uncover your credit score problem. We don’t like that treatment.

You’re valued here and we’ll treat you like a VIP in a 5-star restaurant because you are special and you deserve it.

 And we will not just uncover your credit score issues but we’ll also dig deeper to discover the root causes of your problem.
And then, we’ll craft a perfect solution that will get rid of that headache.

f that sounds good, make sure you’ve obtained your login and password from Smart Credit and your credit report.
So we can go over it clearly on our consultation call. 

Finally, your Dinner is Served!

After we review your report, we will see if our services are exactly what you needed.
If so, we’ll create a contract and abide our partnership together.

And as soon as you sign the contract, we’ll make the preparations to onboard with you and services will begin immediately.

 If you choose to partner with us, here are the immediate bonuses and perks you’ll get:
>FREE consultation valued at $200
>Secret Recipe eBook (Credit Repair stuffs you really need to remember) worth $50

Then, here are the Investment options:
Audit Fee: $100
* Monthly Fee: $100

Total first month payment is only $200.

 And if you wish to continue for the second month, the price will only be $149.
If you have questions or any concerns, we would love to hear from you.
You can also leave your message here.
And we will get back to you as soon as we can. See you! 

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