You enter school, made friends, and over time did more projects and assignments. Suddenly life comes and you don’t even know a single thing about finance, investing, pension and credit. You have no idea what to do, how can your life a good life?

Well, I’ve been there, here’s my story. When I was 20, I had good credit because of my dad but as time passes by, not truly knowing about this, I placed myself in debt and I lost everything.

Thankfully, I met a gentleman by the name of Ivory Mitchell and he taught me a lot about finances, business, and personal credit. Sadly to say, he passed away not long after I began learning all of these through the information’s I’ve learned plus the knowledge I acquired in attending credit boot camps and also the wisdom I gain from mentors like Eric Counts and Rondi Lambeth, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. 

These became my foundations to start my credit repair company in 2012. Since then, I’m continuously creating delicious healthy meals for celebrities, high net-worth individuals, business executives and people who need help just like you. Also, teaching them the importance of having a good healthy credit for a better life.

Since the establishment of The Credit Chef in 2012, we’ve helped (insert numbers) individuals thus helping them to get loans for buying their car, building their dream home, for establishing their business and act as bridge for any dreams they want to fullfil. Now, we are here to be at your service, so you can finally taste the delicious and healthy life you always want! Yum!

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