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In partnership with SmartCredit


Start tracking your credit scores here 

In partnership with Identity Q


Do you want to feel SAFE and SECURED and avoid Identity Theft? 

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So while we work on your existing credit, we’d like to suggest checking on some of our additional services below. 


My Credit Card Builder​

"The easiest way to build credit is with our security card."

Well here’s why..

● You can apply in just Minutes! (Did I ever mentioned too that you also do not need any credit score to avail?)

● You only need to put down 200$ deposit and your security card is on!

● You can still build credit while making purchases & making timely payments

My Jewelers Club

"My jewelers club credit card is a great card to help you build credits!"

Why do we say so?

Let’s face it, there is really no place that will give away $5,000 credit limit especially if you have A BAD CREDIT.

In that note we suggest availing for only $99 membership fee once you sign up. Why?

Well here’s what you will enjoy in that $99 of yours.

● A score boost between 20-75 points per credit Bureau.
● An easy approval of up to $5,000 of available credit.
● A flexible payment Plus a low cost membership fee.
Bonus: it’s fast, reliable and Free Shipping!

Ps: we recommend making at least $100 worth of jewelry so that they can report it to the Credit

But don’t worry though, you can pay At least 50% up front then finance the remaining 50% of
your balance. 

My New Coast Direct

"Here in New Coast Direct we value our customers as we do to their credit scores!"

because we want to make it possible that everyone makes not only quality but also long lasting  purchases for their home or office.

…even when every stores would shut their doors to you, we will still be opening out gates for  you!

So Here’s what you can get from our Coast Direct:
● Easy online Application
● Fast approval in revolving credit accounts up to $5,000
● Also low Monthly payments on balance (Not even monthly servicing fee!)

PLUS,there’s New name brand products added daily!

Ps: If you combine these together, you will get around $10K in open credit lines..That means a huge boost to your credit score! 


"The Ox Publishing can help you establish financial stability with our help."

We all know that qualifying credit can be quite difficult and embarrassing at most times right?
Well not for our Merchandise account!
We also provide 0% interest for 6 months!
You simply just need to fill out the form and they will be reviewing it after.

And it’s an Easy approval service guaranteed if you meet all the qualifications:
● US Residents who are at the age of 18 above.
● have access to valid credit and debit card.
● have the ability to make a monthly payments of $25 or more if the entire credit line is used and have paid the necessary fees for enrollment.

Side note: this is not a Visa or Mastercard! 


"With Hutton Chase you can freely apply even if you have bad credit!"

Hutton Chase opens up the venture of over $1,500,00 available credit line and what’s more its a
guaranteed approval!
You only need to register to their services and you can enjoy all of their membership benefits

Here’s what you can get in Hutton Chase:
● You get 0% interest as a member.
● You can shop with confidence with exclusive online stores that features most products
from major brands.
● With over $1,500,00 credit available, you have the power to purchase almost any time
you want! 

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